Roof Repair vs. Replacing Your Roof

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Many home owners face the challenge of whether they simply need a roof repair or have their roof replaced completely.  Often times your roof simply needs a repair, especially if your roof is not very old.  But finding that leak can indeed be troublesome to the untrained eye.

roof repair Roof Repair vs. Replacing Your RoofImproper installation or defective flashings are the cause of nearly 90% of all roof leaks. Some examples of are: chimney, step, apron and valley – where two roofs join together. During the roof repair, it is important to look for any roof deterioration that could potentially lead to further problems. If leaks are ignored, the structure of the entire home may be threatened if and when the frame begins to rot from continued exposure to moisture.

There are a number of factors that may lead to roof leaks, resulting in the need for roof repair:

1)     Gutters
Clogged or improperly installed gutters. This can cause water to overflow and leak into the inside walls and inside the home. During the winter, a roof leak along the inside walls or basement is most commonly caused by an ice dam. Melting snow and ice will travel over the back of the gutter or through the side of gutter spikes and down the walls.

2)      Chimneys
Flue pipes inside of a chimney may cause water leaks if they are not properly aligned. Also, if the flashing around the chimney has deteriorated or not properly installed, this can cause water leaks.

3)      Siding & Windows
Improperly installed or defective siding or windows are common causes for roof leaks as well. When a roof leaks after heavy, wind-driven rain, it is usually caused by a problem with the windows or siding.

4)      Skylights
The sealant around the glass can deteriorate over the years from constant weather and sunlight allowing water to enter through the skylight. This is a very common problem in older skylights, but generally an easy fix. Using outdoor silicone to seal the perimeter of the glass will usually take care of the issue.

Also, in order to maintain a pleasing eye appeal, roof cleaning is important to remove dirt and debris. It is critical that homeowners do not use a pressure washer on their roof as the force is often too strong for shingles and may result in shingle damage or complete removal. In addition, the strong force of a pressure washer would wreak havoc on the interior of the home if there were to be an undetected leak somewhere in the roof. It is also important that gutters be properly cleaned in order to prevent a buildup of rainwater, ice or other debris that may lead to added weight and damage. By maintaining a clean roof, you will ensure pleasant curb appeal and a full functioning roof system.

It is very important that home owners check their roof regularly. If you are not comfortable checking for roof repair, then we can certainly help. Email or give us a call at (256) 326-4232 and we’ll gladly come out for a free consultation.

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